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About us

A History

The United States Government constructed the building that currently houses Tails-A-Waggin Animal Hospital. The original government plan was to use part of the building for research and the other half for training of German Shepherds, which were eventually sent to Vietnam. A man named Tom Dollar purchased the building k in circa, 1974, putting his daughter in the business of grooming and kenneling dogs. A large house was built on the back of the five acres where his daughter lived. Mr. Dollar’s daughter was regrettably killed in a car accident, leaving Mr. Dollar with a large amount of grief and a business he truly never intended to own.

In 1985-86, I (Dr. Wayne Mogavero) was in Duval County, Jacksonville working in a large 6-doctor practice as a full-time surgeon. I found myself doing 10-15 surgical procedures a day. While I was in my newfound home in Jacksonville, I had always dreamed of living where Palm trees swayed and beaches abound. It was then I found myself watching “The Today Show” while getting ready for work. I would continually hear Willard Scott, the famous weather forecaster, almost on a daily basis saying, “Pick city of the day, Fort Myers, Florida sunny and 85 degrees”. In the meantime, there I am in Jacksonville with no Palm trees. It was then that I decided to explore Fort Myers. I responded to an ad for a position in Fort Myers, which escalated into an offer to buy the veterinary practice. The location did not meet my expectations., so I contacted some local realtors who showed me property in the Iona area where we are now located.

I want you to understand what this place looked like. At the time, farms and tomato fields surrounded the kennel. Every main road had two lanes, and you could fall asleep on Kelly Road with no worries of being run over. Kelly Greens had no golf course and they had just started clearing to begin building on the property. I was able to purchase one of the first completed structures in Kelly Greens and live there for the first year or so. It was so undeveloped that several times while trying to cut through from Summerlin Road to Kelly Road, my car became stuck in the dirt road. In fact, the area was so agricultural, I was able to go out back many times and do target shooting with my pistols. Tails-A-Waggin was the only business located on Kelly Road.

I totally relied on the wisdom of my realtors. They assured me that the next large growth spurt would be in Fort Myers where I was located. They were almost correct; the progress did lag a little. The first five years were very slow and difficult. Modifying the building was a major task, while being a new business owner and a new veterinarian in town. Tails-A-Waggin Animal Hospital was now born, but without any patients. There were just a few grooming and kennel patrons who had stayed with us from the previous business.

Dr. Myrna Alexandra Mercado has been working with Tails-A-Waggin Animal Hospital & Pet Resort in 2014 and in November of 2015 purchased the business.