We understand how difficult it is when your dog or cat is diagnosed with a terminal disease that may require intensive medical treatment before your pet passes. Our hospice program provides comfort to our clients’ pets during this difficult time and support to our clients through the very difficult process of losing their beloved companions.

In general, our veterinary hospice care is intended to:

  • Minimize the prolonged, unnecessary suffering of the pet.
  • Minimize any prolonged, unnecessary suffering of the pet’s family.
  • Provide guidance and grief counseling to the pet’s family
  • As much as possible, help the pet’s family approach their feelings of loss and grief as meaningful and positive aspects of the pet ownership experience.
  • Emphasizes the terminally ill pet’s quality of life in order to give the family precious quality time and help them cope with the approaching passing of their pet.

If you chose hospice care, we will discuss with you the options for increasing your pet’s comfort, the visible signals indicating suffering or pain, and details of the potential complications that may arise as your pet’s condition worsens. We also may provide guidance through the ethical and spiritual aspects of making these difficult decisions and provide referrals to additional grief support services.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (239) 482-6897.