Regular, professional dental care is important to keep your pet healthy. Plaque and tartar that build-up on your pet’s teeth can lead to gingivitis. Reddened, bleeding gums, difficulty chewing and bad breath are all signs of gingivitis. Untreated gingivitis can progress to a more advanced form of periodontal disease, a bacterial infection that, if left untreated, can cause the loss of teeth.

The same bacteria causing gingivitis and periodontal disease can be carried into the blood stream and cause damage to your pet’s kidneys, heart, liver and other organs. Regular dental cleanings remove plaque and tartar and prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease.

To maintain consistent oral health and promote preventative dental care, we recommend an annual professional preventative dental care exam, which includes:

  • Placing your pet under anesthesia and performing a comprehensive oral examination of each of your dog or cat’s teeth, including his or her gums and mouth.
  • Dental x-rays to diagnose problems below the gum line.
  • Complete ultrasonic scaling, root planning and polishing, which removes plaque and tatar using modern and safe ultrasonic hand instruments and power scaling equipment to clean both above and below your pet’s gum line and polish your pet’s teeth to create a smooth surface that is more resistant to plaque and tartar buildup.
  • Comprehensive pain management before, during, and after any oral procedure that may cause discomfort.
  • Extractions for severely infected teeth or fractured teeth

Good pet dental care for your pet does not end after he or she leaves our hospital. After your pet’s dental procedure or during your pet’s wellness exam, we provide our clients with education and training for at-home dental care, including how to brush your pet’s teeth and nutritional assessment and recommendations for good oral hygiene. We strongly encourage at-home dental prevention and maintenance procedures.

Dental care for your pet is one of the cornerstones of our wellness program. Discuss your pet’s dental needs and concerns at your next visit to Tails-A-Waggin…because your pet deserves it!

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (239) 482-6897.